Wealth Management

Keeping your assets current and staying on top of your portfolio are essential to keeping your financial plan on track. Daniel S. Grieb, CPA is happy to assist you with a holistic approach to managing your investments and reaching your goals.

What is Wealth Management?

Wealth management simply refers to keeping your current assets secure. Today’s investment marketplace presents investors with a bewildering number of choices. To succeed, you must have individually defined goals and a disciplined approach toward achieving them. Most importantly, you need to identify the appropriate investments for your own aims.

Developing a successful investment portfolio in today’s environment can be a daunting task, but it can be made easier with our help and guidance.

Daniel S. Grieb, CPA | Omaha, NE | financial planning
Daniel S. Grieb, CPA | Omaha, NE | financial planning

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It can be difficult to know exactly what you need to take care of when it comes to your financial situation. Wealth management can refer to keeping your assets safe, but we want to help make them grow. At Daniel S. Grieb, CPA, you can be sure that your portfolio is at the appropriate level of aggression for the security and speed you desire and deserve.

We can assist you in developing an investment profile that considers your investment needs, such as saving for retirement or financing a child’s education. Once determined, this profile will consider your time horizon, risk tolerance, and your current financial profile. We can then help you select an appropriate asset allocation. With the right strategy, you can either reduce risk while maintaining a given level of return, or increase return while maintaining a given level of risk.

All of our wealth management clients must first go through an evaluation process to determine their specific individual needs. Some clients are younger and need more growth. Some are older and need capital preservation. Others are in between, needing a balance. Or they’re in a higher income bracket that demands tax-free alternatives.

The most important thing to remember about investing is that there is no one plan that works for everyone.

How It Works

To manage the uncertainty of the markets, there are several things you have to plan and consider:


Risk Tolerance

Every investment choice contains some degree of risk. Understanding how much risk you’re willing to tolerate is important.


Different investments perform better than others at different times. So another way to reduce uncertainty is to spread the risk by placing assets in several categories of investments.

Investing for the Long Term

Time is one of the most important factors in the success of any investment strategy.

Sample Plan

First we create a long range plan and then establish the beginning asset allocation.

After this, we continue to monitor and reallocate as the markets change. Of course, we’ll keep you in the loop. In our alliance with investment management groups, we are able to provide asset management and reporting for an affordable price.

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